Breathalysers – Screening


The Alcofind is a professional alcohol screening breathalyser unit.

This device is ideal for rapid high volume alcohol screening – simply providing a visual YES or NO indication.

Typical Implementation Example:

A factory has 50 staff members that must enter the premise in the morning.

Security staff / Management will use the Alcofind to rapidly screen the employees at the entrance to the factory.

The Alcofind allows for a 1 second response time for a negative transaction (no alcohol detected) and 2 seconds recovery time for a positive transaction (alcohol detected) – allowing for staff to enter the factory in a short space of time.

Visual indicators will indicate a YES or NO outcome for the presence of alcohol to the operator.

Staff that fail the breathalyser test can be denied access to the premise or may be sent for further testing to aid in the disciplinary process.

The Alcofind acts as an active deterrent and enforces your intoxication policies for visitors and employees alike.

The Alcofind can be implemented in conjunction with a Random Search Unit to allow for random testing. This will further decrease the delay time to access the premise by staff and / or visitors.

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