Random Search Unit

The RSU is a stand-alone Random Search Selector Unit.

The RSU aids in providing a totally non-discriminatory outcome for screening individuals at designated screening checkpoints.

The RSU is intended to avoid discrimination lawsuits by taking the human element out of random searches, and replacing it with an electronic alternative.

The random selection process is displayed visually by the unit – making it possible to describe the operation of the unit to everyone concerned.

Checkpoint screenings may aid in the fight against theft, illegal substance abuse, and illegal firearm possession and typically include entrances or exits to and from secured areas.

The RSU serves foremost as an active screening device and secondly as a passive deterrent that will enforce awareness of your search policies, amongst your employees and visitors.

The RSU can operate as a stand-alone screening unit or can easily be integrated with existing security/ access controlled equipment.

The RSU is ideal for aiding security staff at:


*Retail Outlets

*Distribution Centres


*Public Transport Terminals

*Mining Screening Checkpoints

*Government Departments

*Sports Arenas


Random Search Implementation

Random Search Basics

The RSU will be installed at a security screening checkpoint.

The RSU can easily integrate with security products such as turnstiles, booms, security booths and access controlled doors or can be used stand-alone.

The RSU will be set to select one person randomly from a preselected batch size of people passing through the checkpoint.

A person entering the screening area will activate the RSU by means of a trigger input (Example: pushbutton, access control card or keypad).

The RSU will electronically and non-discriminatory select people passing through the checkpoint to be stopped and searched.

The RSU unit will supply an Audio (alarm/buzzer) and Visual (Red LED), indication for each SEARCH condition.

A security officer will typically enforce the search condition by screening the selected individual for activities deemed illegal or unauthorized. (Random Searches for theft, intoxication, firearms etc.)

The unit will provide a short visual indication (Green LED) for each PASS condition.

Onboard outputs can be utilized to connect external devices to expand the scope of the SEARCH or PASS condition.

As the security concern changes, so too, can the RSU be adjusted to either search more or fewer individuals.

Random Search Unit Layout

Technical Specifications

Input Power:

  • External +12VDC/1A  – Power Supply (Supplied)                   

Power Consumption:

  • Idle:  0.1A @ 12VDC
  • Max: 0.3A @12VDC*

 *No external devices connected

Input Controls:           

  • Normally-Open / Potentially-Free Contacts

Output Controls:      

  • 1 x potential-free single pole “Alarm Relay”.
  • Power handling: 5A / 250Vac or 10A / 24VDC
  • 1 x potential-free single pole ‘’Signal Relay’’.
  • Power handling: 5A / 250Vac or 10A / 24VDC

Data Retention:        

All settings are stored in onboard memory and restored upon power restoration.

Physical Dimensions of Enclosure:  

190mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 80mm (H)

Enclosure Protection:                      

IP55 (dust-proof and splash-proof)

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